We are Wholesaler Pool Professionals in the Swimming Pool Industry giving you the best most informed advice on what equipment you should use. We have over 15 years of experience and are able to help where others have failed you.

We are very friendly and very approachable to help you get the best advise and price on all your Swimming Pool Equipment.

It is important to not just sell you equipment but give you our best advice as to why you should have or use a certain product.

Sizing up your pool and understanding your plumbing then offering you advice is how it is done as oversizing equipment or undersizing is a common problem when you are sold equipment with the seller not having product or industry knowledge.

Heating requirements for your Swimming Pool. Is your swimming pool too cold? You will find this a common problem and who would have thought this but with temperatures seeming to get lower every year and the swimming pool not being used as it should be what a waste. There is nothing nicer than getting many more months of swimming and benefits from your swimming pool and your neighbors green with envy while you or the kids are having fun around the pool. We specialize in all heating systems being gas for quick heating to electric heating being used to maintain your swimming session longer to solar systems but with the benefits of not costing a fortune.

We offer free friendly on-site quotes in the Wholesale where we can carry out an expert assessment of your requirements no job is too small.

With Pool Equipment Wholesale not only will we offer you the best advice but we will look to give you our best quote on price and with the two we believe you are in the best position to get it right the first time around.

If your swimming pool is too difficult to handle or you have better things to do than manage your swimming pool we also offer a comprehensive pool service package.

Pool Equipment Wholesale has developed a great and sound reputation for the highest standards in workmanship and this is reflected in our constant referrals.

Feel free to call us 7 days a week 8.00- 5.00 and we hope you will become another one of our happy customers.

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