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Spa Chemical Solutions

Whether it’s your quiet haven, somewhere to socialise with family and friends or you prefer it to a traditional bath, the spa is a focal point in many Australian households.

Looking after it with the right spa sanitiser products is crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy environment and ensuring you can enjoy this feature for years.

As one of Australia’s most respected distributors of wholesale pool chemicals, we also specialise in locally-made, top-quality spa pool products. Care for your spa with great-value, fast-working and effective treatment solutions, and get the most out of this fantastic feature in your home.

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From a spa chemical kit or minerals to antifoam and cleaning tablets, find everything you need here.


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About Zodiac Spa Chemicals 

We only deal with the best quality, most user-friendly pool and spa cleaning products available, so we choose to stock Zodiac. Since 1983, this Australian brand has led the way in pool and spa cleaning product innovation and development. 


Why Spa Chlorine and Chemicals are Essential 

Given the warm water, spas can become breeding grounds for bacteria if they’re not properly maintained. But this is just one reason why you need to care for this much-loved feature in your home. 

  • Products such as spa chlorine and bromine kill and prevent the development of any bacteria, viruses and algae.
  • Oxidisers break down contaminants like body oils, sweat, fake tan and moisturising creams that can hang around, creating unpleasant odours or clouding the water quality. 
  • Maintaining a balanced pH level is key to preventing damage to any spa equipment and ensuring optimal water comfort. 
  • Speaking of comfort, calcium levels can make water feel too hard or too soft, so controlling them at an appropriate level is important.
  • Our spas often look every bit as good as they feel. You can rely on products to prevent surface stains and scaling.
  • Keeping your spa filter in excellent working condition is crucial for ensuring it continues to effectively remove any impurities.

“Thanks for all your help, the pool looks crystal clear.” – Lisa

Why Us for Spa Chemicals

Customers choose us as their spa chemical supplier for many reasons. 

Our expert spa technician curates all products

All spa chemicals are Australian-made. 

We work hard to maintain affordable, highly competitive pricing. 

We deliver Australia-wide to your door within five days of an online order. 

You can rely on us for detailed, insightful educational resources about caring for your spa and pool.


Contact Us for all Spa Cleaner Products

Get the most out of each spa experience and keep everything in tip-top shape with our specialist products and helpful customer service and advice. Contact our team with questions and rely on us for post-purchase product assistance.

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Spa Chemical FAQs

What chemicals do I need for my spa?

You will need:

  • Sanitisers such as chlorine or bromine to kill bacteria and maintain clean spa water quality. 
  • Oxidising agents to break down organic contaminants (body oils, skin lotions) left in the water by users. 
  • Balancing chemicals to help maintain correct pH, calcium and alkalinity levels.
  • Water clarifiers to improve water clarity and quality. 
  • Stain & scale prevention products to keep the spa looking good. 
  • A spa chemical test kit to regularly monitor water chemistry. 

Where to buy spa chemicals? 

You’re in the best place to buy quality wholesale products you can rely on. We stock Australian-made, industry-leading brand Zodiac to ensure only the highest quality spa maintenance solutions. 

Are pool and spa chemicals the same? 

Whilst spas and pools have similar needs and use similar products, there are enough significant differences to warrant separate chemical solutions for the two. These include:

  • Concentration levels – using pool chemicals in a spa could lead to overdosing and potentially harming users. 
  • Temperature – spas are heated at higher temperatures than pools. Temperature plays a key role in chemical reactions, something spa products take into consideration. 
  • pH and alkalinity levels differ significantly given spas are typically much smaller than swimming pools. 
  • Spa filters are usually smaller than those found in pools.
  • Water circulation tends to be more frequent in spas than pools.

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