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Swimming Pool Cleaner Parts

Pool cleaning equipment plays a fundamental role in the ongoing maintenance and health of your swimming pool. Having the right pool cleaning parts ensures a well-maintained and hygienic environment for everyone to enjoy. As stockists of the best pool products in Australia, Pool Equipment Wholesale is committed to providing premium, reliable, long-lasting swimming pool cleaner parts. Browse and shop the online range below.


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Benefits & Advantages of Premium Pool Cleaning Parts

There are many advantages to purpose-designed pool equipment.

  • Water quality is crucial for ensuring the health and safety of all those using your pool. Swimming pool vacuums, brushes and rakes help remove insects, debris, dirt and other nasties, keeping water clear and clean.
  • Algae and bacteria can grow quickly, leading to waterborne illnesses and unattractive green or cloudy water. Prevent their build-up with swimming pool brushes or vacuums, and remember also to treat water with swimming pool chemicals such as chlorine.
  • Aesthetics matter! Nobody wants to jump into a murky-looking, dank-smelling swimming pool. Self-cleaning pool parts are valuable in maintaining this jewel in the backyard’s crown.
  • Pool cleaning parts can help maintain the longevity and quality of other areas of the pool. For instance, regular cleaning and maintenance take pressure off filters, pump baskets, pool skimmer baskets, etc., reducing the risk of equipment failure and expensive repair work.
  • Adhering to health and safety regulations – maintaining a clean pool ensures you remain on the right side of any local municipality or shire council regulations and compliances.

Why Us For Your Swimming Pool Cleaner Parts

We are one of Australia’s most trusted wholesale pool suppliers.

✓ Our dedicated expert pool and spa technician carefully selects all products.
✓ All products are Australian-made.
✓ We are committed to maintaining reasonable, highly competitive pricing.
✓ We deliver around Australia within five days of you placing an order online. From our door to yours!
✓ We’re not just here for a quick sale. We want to build an ongoing relationship with you and provide helpful advice and information so you can make the most out of your swimming pool.

Contact Us For All Your Swimming Pool Equipment

Investing in quality cleaning parts and committing to regular maintenance ensures you – and all those using your pool – can enjoy a clean, safe swimming experience.

If you have questions about our pool cleaning parts or want more information before purchasing, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today.


Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment FAQs

What are the best pool cleaning parts to purchase?

The best and most used pool cleaning parts to purchase include extendable pool cleaning pole parts, vacuum heads, and pool rakes and brushes. Each plays a crucial and specific role in maintaining your pool’s hygiene and aesthetic appeal.

Does pool cleaning equipment need to be covered?

We recommend you cover your pool cleaning equipment when not in use. Doing so prevents it from gathering dirt, debris, insects and even rodents, turning it into a makeshift home. It also keeps the pool area safe (nobody wants to trip over any of these parts) and orderly.

How big is pool equipment?

Most pool equipment is compact and can be easily stored. Even extendable pool poles can be reduced in length when not in use and neatly packed away.

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