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Pool Cleaner Robot

Robotic pool cleaners are to swimming pools what vacuums are to households – absolutely essential! Maintaining a pristine-looking pool requires time and effort, so it makes sense to outsource it to an efficient, reliable and meticulous piece of equipment. As Australia’s leading online distributor of wholesale pool equipment, we only stock the best pool cleaners on the market. As such, you can rely on our Zodiac pool cleaners to get the job done quickly, quietly, thoroughly and with minimal effort. Explore our pool robotic cleaners here.


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Pool Robot Cleaner Benefits

There are significant and long-term benefits to investing in a Zodiac pool cleaner.

Efficiency – robot pool cleaners are designed to clean the pool’s floor surface quickly and systematically, including walls and waterlines.
Time-saving – set and forget. Leave the machine to do the hard work whilst you pour yourself a G&T and catch up on that poolside reading.
Effective – Powerful suction and fine filter traps enable the pool cleaning robot to gather debris, including leaves, dirt, insects, algae and small particles.
Energy-efficient – running on just 12 volts, the machine is a great energy saver.
No stress on pool filtration – robot pool cleaners have their own filtration system, meaning no additional strain is placed on the pool itself (therefore assisting in maintaining the longevity of the swimming pool pump ).
Low maintenance – the best pool cleaners are lightweight and easy to handle and make it easy to empty and clean the filtering system.
Long-term savings – this one-off investment will save your client heaps of maintenance time and give them peace of mind about their pool health and potential chemical reductions.

Choose Pool Equipment Wholesale For Your Robot Pool Cleaner

Customers know they can rely on us to always stock the best robotic pool cleaner and wholesale pool equipment and chemicals.

✓ Customer service is our number one priority. We aim to always look after your needs with important information, products and support.
✓ Our specialist pool technician meticulously curates and ensures excellence across all the swimming pool and spa products we supply.
✓ Supporting premium quality “Made in Australia” products is very important to us.
✓ We work to keep our wholesale costs as low as possible.
✓ We can deliver Australia-wide and will deliver your order within five business days, no matter where you are nationwide.

Contact Us About Robotic Pool Cleaners

Our team is here to assist with any enquiries you have about your swimming pool or spa.


Robotic Pool Cleaner Australia FAQs

What is the best robotic pool cleaner in Australia?

A Zodiac robotic pool cleaner is the best equipment you can buy in Australia. Industry-leading advanced technology, durability, minimal maintenance, user-friendliness, generous warranties, and a fantastic brand reputation make Zodiac the number one robot pool cleaner.

Can I leave my pool cleaning robot in the pool?

Yes, you can leave your pool robot in the pool when not in use.

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