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Swimming Pool Salt Water Chlorinators

Anyone who spends much time in a swimming pool understands the benefits of salt water chlorination. Not only is it gentler on eyes and skin, but it feels softer in the water, and you don’t smell like chemicals for days. As Australia’s leading distributor of premium wholesale pool supplies, we stock Zodiac salt water chlorinators for their superior quality, automation, convenience and competitive cost. If you’re looking for the best salt water chlorinator on the market, explore our Zodiac models below.


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Zodiac Salt Water Chlorinator Features & Benefits

There are many reasons we choose to stock Zodiac salt water chlorinators exclusively.


  • Converts standard saltwater into 100% safe, usable chlorine.
  • Helps maintain consistently optimal sanitised water quality.
  • Easy-to-understand user manual and built-in timer.
  • Warning indicator lights. 
  •  Two-year warranty across models. 


  • More cost-efficient over time compared to traditional chlorine equivalent models. 
  • Reduces eye and skin irritation compared to traditional chlorine pools. 
  • Softer on skin than traditional chlorine and won’t leave you smelling like chemicals for days. 
  • Water does not feel as hard. 

Selecting a Zodiac chlorinator is an investment in your pool’s long-term health and well-being (and the people who enjoy it!).


Pool Equipment Wholesale for Your Salt Water Chlorinators

We know that purchasing a self-cleaning chlorinator is an investment. As such, you need complete confidence and trust that you’re buying from a reputable business that appreciates your custom. 

  • Our expert pool technician selects all the products we sell and maintains an exceptionally high bar. 
  • We prefer to stock Australian-made products from brands we can trust and rely on. 
  • We maintain highly competitive wholesale costs – we want to offer you the best deal possible. 
  • We deliver Australia-wide, and delivery will take a maximum of five working days anywhere in the country. 
  • We’re not just here for the sale. We want a long-term relationship so you can rely on 
  • excellent customer service for as long as you have your swimming pool! 

Rely on our team for expert advice about saltwater pool chlorinators.  

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Contact Us About Pool Chlorinators  

Contact us with any questions or if you would like more information. We’re here to help make this decision as straightforward as possible and to provide you with peace of mind every step of the way. 

Contact Us About a Pool Chlorinator

Salt Water Pool Chlorinator FAQs

What is the best salt water chlorinator in Australia?

Australian-owned Zodiac engineers and manufactures the best salt water chlorinators in the country. They convert salt water into 100% safe chlorinated water that is gentler on the eyes and skin and even feels softer when swimming. Depending on the model selected, you’ll enjoy many benefits and features and a two-year warranty, offering great peace of mind.

How to clean a salt water chlorinator cell?

True to form, cleaning a Zodiac salt water chlorinator cell is low-maintenance.

  • Turn off the power.
  • Remove the cell from its housing (refer to the user manual for specific details). 
  • Check for scale or calcium, as these, in particular, can affect the equipment’s performance. 
  • Soak in a solution of water and muriatic acid (follow the manual for the recommended ratio). 
  • Scrub the cell with a gentle brush (like a toothbrush).
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water. 
  • Reinstate the cell. 

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