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Suction Pool Cleaners

A reliable pool suction cleaner is one of the most efficient tools to keep your swimming area pristine, clean, and beautiful. Effective in removing dirt, debris and small particles like dirt and small leaves, a suction cleaner makes it easy and affordable to maintain a spotless pool. We choose to carry only the most trusted and hard-working swimming pool cleaners on the market, which is why we stock Zodiac. Shop the ideal suction pool cleaner here.


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Zodiac Suction Pool Cleaner Benefits 

Why should you select a Zodiac suction pool vacuum? Clients trust this top Australian brand for many reasons: 

Fantastic manoeuvrability delivers pool-wide cleaning coverage. 

Intelligent cleaning programmes let technology do the thinking. 

Lightweight pool cleaning equipment that is easy to transport from pool to storage shed.

Ergonomic designs make these pool cleaners easy to use. 

Low maintenance set-up and post-work cleaning. 

Fantastic warranties deliver peace of mind. 

When you buy a Zodiac, you’re getting a swimming pool suction cleaner that will do the dirty work (literally).


Pool Equipment Wholesale for the Best Suction Pool Cleaner

Customers know they can rely on us for all their swimming pool cleaners and equipment. 

Our expert spa technician carefully selects all products we sell. 

All our pool cleaning equipment is made in Australia. 

Our wholesale pricing is highly competitive and as affordable as possible. 

Rely on nationwide delivery – we’ll get your order to you within five working days.  

We provide extensive and committed after-sale customer service – we’re here to help! 


Contact Us About Suction Pool Cleaners 

Rely on our friendly and knowledgeable team for any information and advice you need. We’re passionate about helping you maintain the perfect pool.

Contact us about pool cleaners


Pool Suction Cleaner FAQs

Do suction pool cleaners work? 

Yes – you can rely on pool suction cleaners to do a terrific job cleaning your swimming pool. They connect to your pool’s suction line, tapping into the existing filtration system. They move around the pool’s floor surface much like an automated vacuum cleaner would move around your loungeroom, collecting dirt and debris as they travel.  

Can I leave my suction pool cleaner in the pool? 

Yes, provided the water levels remain balanced to prevent chlorine damage to the cleaner, then you may keep it in the pool. 

How do I store my pool suction cleaner? 

We recommend storing your cleaner in a cool, dry, shady area. A swimming pool storage shed is an ideal location.

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